ACT Rural Fire Service part of vital firefighting technology trial

The ACT Rural Fire Service (ACTRFS) has proudly partnered with The Minderoo Foundation, Optus, The Australian National University and stakeholders to trail the use of ‘ground sensing’ cameras to improve detection times, allowing for a quicker response to bushfires.

Announced today, the Fire Shield Mission will see cameras placed on radio or fire towers across the ACT that will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Early detection is critical to managing bushfires before they cause widespread devastation and A/g ACTRFS Chief Officer Rohan Scott has welcomed the automated monitoring trial. 

“The pilot technology is vital and potentially lifesaving work. If we are able to improve the speed and accuracy of fire detection it ultimately means we can improve our response and better protect communities and landscapes,” he said. 

The data from this trial will assess the viability of automated monitoring for early bushfire detection on a national scale.