Enabling Services

The operational services are supported by the ESA Support and Enabling Services, providing logistic, fleet, governance. media and administrative support, as well as spatial, risk management, welfare and training/education services.

Enabling Services

Risk & Planning:

The various business areas of Risk & Planning work in a collaborative manner providing specialist support to the JACS Directorate, the Commissioner, the four operational services of the ESA and external agencies in areas including emergency management, risk, spatial and digital services, communications, E-000, information technology and fire safety.

Governance & Logistics:

The Governance & Logistics section of the ESA is responsible for providing corporate enabling functions to support operations, improve business practices and strengthen organisational governance.  The work areas in this section include:

  • Fleet & Procurement
  • Resource Centre & Workshops
  • Station Upgrade & Relocation Project
  • Governance & Business Services
  • Finance

People & Culture:

The People & Culture section is responsible for supporting the strategic success of ESA through the design, delivery and implementation of ESA’s People Strategy. The section provides both strategic and operational expertise to the  Executive Leadership team, and employees on all people related matters including performance and talent management, organisational design and development, engagement, reward and recognition, HR Systems and reporting and change management.