The ESA RTO operates as an enterprise RTO, meaning that training and assessment is developed and delivered primarily for employees and volunteers of the ESA.

In some circumstances the ESA delivers training to external clients; however, the key focus is on internal clients. More detail about the standard policies and procedures designed to ensure that you receive quality training and assessment is available in the Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook contains information about enrolment procedures, student support arrangements, literacy and numeracy support, acceptable behaviours for students and trainers/assessors, assessment principles, appeals procedures and complaints procedures.

Enrolment Information

A revised National VET Data Policy was endorsed by the COAG Industry and Skills Council on 24 November 2017 and came into effect on 1 January 2018. This national policy means that the ESA RTO is required to collect your Unique Student Identifier (USI) and ask you to complete an Enrolment Form that collects information about you.

To minimise the amount of paperwork you need to fill out, ESA Training has developed a process so you only have to complete the full enrolment form when your details change rather than for every course you complete. Your details will be maintained in VETtrak and linked to any courses you do with ACT ESA.

VETtrak is a Student Management System that complies with the requirements of the National VET Data Policy as well as providing a platform for recording and reporting on the qualifications, skills and capabilities you have relevant to your role with the ESA.

Whenever your personal details change, complete a new Initial RTO Enrolment Form so your VETtrak profile can be kept up to date.

 Step 1: Get a USI  You only need to do this once

 Step 2: Submit an Initial RTO Enrolment Form  You only need to do this once or when your personal circumstances change

 Step 3: Nominate for a specific course  Do this for each course you enrol in