Emergency Services

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is the ACT Government organisation charged with providing emergency management services to the Canberra community.

Emergency Services

The ESA is responsible for the following emergency management strategies in supporting the ACT community:

            Prevention and Mitigation: Emergency prevention and mitigation measures are aimed to decrease or eliminate impacts on the
            ACT community and environment.

           Preparedness: Emergency preparedness measures ensure that, in the event of emergency, communities, resources, and
           services can manage the impact.

           Response: Response strategies and services are in place to control, and reduce consequences of emergencies.

           Recovery: Recovery strategies are aimed to return the ACT community and ESA to a state of preparedness after an
           emergency situation.

The ESA comprises four operational services:

The operational services are supported by the ESA Support and Enabling Services, providing logistic, fleet, governance. media and administrative support, as well as spatial, risk management, welfare and training/education services. 

The ACT Triple Zero Communications Centre (COMCEN) is also located within, and is part of, the ESA.

Together we are one team of many players with a single vision of being “the trusted agency for emergency management in the ACT.

Our workforce profile includes over 2,200 fulltime and volunteer personnel.

The ESA is administratively part of the Justice and Community Safety Directorate of the ACT Government.