Fire Ed Program

A message from ACT Fire & Rescue for teachers

Fire Ed Program

Resources for children and young people to learn about fire safety.

The ACT Fire & Rescue Fire Education program is designed to ensure Canberra children are equipped with the skills and knowledge around basic fire safety.

This information is for the use of teachers, caregivers, families & children. The program and it’s messaging is linked to the Australian Curriculum.

The educational video, worksheets and activities are designed to ensure children feel confident, safe and prepared in the event of a fire emergency.

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Overview of the Fire Ed Program

This program has been developed for kindergarten learning levels, however teachers are encouraged to review the program and determine the suitability for their students.

  • ACT Fire & Rescue Fire Ed videos
  • Fire Safety with Sparkie
  • Who’s in a Fire Truck
  • What’s on a Fire Truck


  • Home Escape Plan
  • A Helping Hand
  • Sparkie’s Treasure Hunt


Fire Education Videos

Fire Safety with Sparkie

Who's in a Fire Truck

What's on a Fire Truck


Childrens Book Read-Alouds

Join our firefighters in reading with a fire-safety message.

Firefighter Piggy Wiggy (1:32)


Flashing Fire Engines (2:15)


Good Fires Bad Fires (05:19)


The Firefighters (05:40)


Fire Ed topics and learning outcomes

Good Fires/Bad Fires


To show students the difference between good fires and bad fires through awareness of their body senses, prior experience with fire, and their response to the video.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to identify fires as either good or bad.

Students will be able to describe safe choices when around fire.

Students will be able to recognise the need for adult supervision to make a fire safe.

Students will be able to identify a bad fire situation and make decisions on how to respond safely.


Smoke Alarm Awareness


To explore how someone might think, feel and act during an emergency.

To show students what a smoke alarm is and how it functions.

Learning outcome

Students will be able to identify smoke alarms in different environments.


Crawl Down Low and GO GO GO!


To discuss safety when escaping from a fire.

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to identify the safest, fastest escape route from their home to a designated evacuation point.


Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll


Use song and movement to learn the correct and safe actions to take when clothing catches fire.

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to describe and show what to do if their clothing catches fire.


Calling 000


To teach students correct procedures around using Emergency Triple Zero (000).

Learning Outcome

Students will know the purpose of the Emergency Triple Zero (000) phone number and what to expect if they need to call.


Firefighters are your Friends


To show students that firefighters are trusted people in their community, who can help them stay safe. 

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to name trusted people in our community and identify safe places.

Students will be more comfortable with approaching firefighters in different situations.

Students will be able to identify that firefighters have different uniforms for different situations.