Educational Resources

Educational Resources

It is important that every person understands how and when to call for emergency services, regardless of age.  In addition, the importance of educating and protecting children from the dangers and trauma that can be caused by fires, storms and other emergencies, is widely recognised.

The ESA has developed a number of resources for use by parents, carers and teachers to educate children about emergency situations. 

  • Triple Zero Kids Challenge is an online, interactive safety game and a mobile application designed to educate children how to cope in emergency situations and about the appropriate use of Triple Zero.The game is targeted at children of kindergarten and primary school ages with nine safety scenarios.  The estimated game-play time is one hour, but can be played in shorter intervals.The learning activities cover all of the key concepts and procedures involved in calling Triple Zero, including the kinds of situations that constitute legitimate emergencies, the correct number to dial, the information to provide to operator and the consequences for making hoax calls.

Members of the ACT Emergency Services are also available to attend schools and other community events as part of the ESA’s community engagement and awareness role.  All request can be made using our online request form.

In addition, there are a number of useful resources developed by other organisations designed to educate children and students about important emergency preparedness and recovery information, or to assist children in responding to the impact of emergencies.