Fleet Information

Fleet Information

Vehicles and Equipment


Urban Pumper - Ian Bennett

ACTF&R pumpers deliver firefighters and our equipment to emergency incidents. These vehicles also pump water for extinguishing fires.

Aerial Appliance

The 'Bronto' Hydraulic Platform

ACTF&R’s aerial appliance is capable of performing rescues at varying heights and delivering water to fight high-rise fire.


HAZMAT Response

ACTF&R presently has a specialised HAZMAT vehicle capable of responding to and managing hazardous materials, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR), post-fire atmospheric monitoring and fire fighting support response.

Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) Tankers

ACTF&R currently has both heavy and light Compressed Air Foam (CAFS) tanker units. CAFS units work in tandem with other firefighting appliances and assist in the protection of life and property when responding to bush and grass fires.

CAFS tankers are used extensively for their ability to generate and spread large amounts of sticky foam to areas and buildings at risk from an approaching fire


Ainslie (02) 6207 8520

Belconnen (02) 6207 8540

West Belconnen (02) 6207 8560

Chisholm (02) 6207 8570

Fyshwick (02) 6207 8510

South Tuggeranong (02) 6207 8580

Gungahlin (02) 6207 8990

Kambah (02) 6207 8550

Phillip (02) 6207 8530