What to do during and after a storm

On Sunday, 27 November 2022, a fast-moving storm impacted parts of the ACT resulting in more than 145 requests for assistance to the ACT State Emergency Service and several power outages across the Territory.

Crews from the ACT State Emergency Service, ACT Fire & Rescue, ACT Rural Fire Service & Transport Canberra & City Services are working to attend to all incidents as quickly as possible.

For assistance in a storm or flood, call the ACT State Emergency Service on 132 500. In a life-threatening emergency call Triple-Zero (000).


What do I do during a storm?

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website for weather updates, and the ACT ESA website and social media for the latest advice.

During a thunderstorm, remember to:

  • Keep at least 8 metres away from fallen power lines or objects that may be energised, such as fences.
  • Keep clear of creeks and storm drains.
  • Don't walk, ride your bike or drive through flood water.
  • Stay indoors away from windows and keep children and pets indoors.

For help during storm and flood, ring the ACTSES on 132 500 and only call Triple Zero (000) if the incident is life-threatening.

We remind the community that during weather events some delays may be experienced when calling the 132 500 number due to the large number of calls. We ask the community to be patient during this time.

The ACTSES only makes temporary repairs to homes damaged in storms or floods. If you have permanent damage to your home, you will need to contact your insurance provider to resolve the problem.


Power outages

Power outages should be reported to Evoenergy.

If you have a live power line that has come down and is damaged and down on the ground, don’t approach the line and call Evoenergy.

The latest updates on power outages can be found on the Evoenergy website or on their Facebook and Twitter Pages. Alternatively, customers can call the Evo Energy Hotline on 13 10 93.


Emergency food relief support

People requiring food relief support should connect with existing food pantries across the Territory.

Details of local food pantries can be found on the Volunteering ACT website.

Individuals can also contact the Canberra Relief Network (CRN) Connect Centre to find a local partner for food and essential items, and to find out what items are available. Their number is 1800 43 11 33.


Emergency accommodation

If you need emergency accommodation, please contact OneLink on 1800 176 468 or via info@onelink.org.au. OneLink provides information and connections for support services in the ACT, including services for people who are at risk of homelessness due to their homes being uninhabitable.

More information ACT Government support can be found on the Community Services website.


Food disposal

If your suburb lost power and you have food in your fridge or freezer that has spoiled, this food can be processed in a home compost or can be disposed of in your general waste (landfill) bin.

Remember that you can also remove any recyclable packaging and place it in your recycling bin.


Be storm ready – preparing your home

Now is the time to do all you can to prepare your home and family for any possible impacts of forecasted storms.

Complete or update your 20-minute Survival Plan.

Take some preventative actions around your home:

  • Clean your gutters
  • Check stormwater drains
  • Trim overhanging branches.

In preparation for severe weather:

  • Move your car under cover and away from trees.
  • Secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony.
  • Secure any temporary repairs that are in place as a result of the storm on Monday afternoon.
  • Stay vigilant and monitor conditions.