Staff and volunteers recognised in National Medal Ceremony

49 staff and volunteers from the ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Fire & Rescue, ACT Rural Fire Service, and ACT State Emergency Service have been recognised for their ongoing and diligent service in keeping the community safe. The National Medal is awarded for 15 years' of service to a recognised community safety organisation, with an additional clasp presented every 10 years. 
National Medal (15 Years) 
·       Susith Adikari (ACTAS) 
·       Simon Amalos (ACTRFS) 
·       Sarah Broomhall (ACTAS) 
·       James Brown (ACTRFS) 
·       Evaane Chadwick (ACTRFS) 
·       Bruce Chancellor (ACTF&R) 
·       Nicholas Dixon-Wilshurst (ACTSES) 
·       Denis Dobie (ACTSES) 
·       Catherine Evenden (ACTRFS) 
·       Matthew Evenden (ACTRFS) 
·       Sandy Fisk (ACTF&R) 
·       Ian Harding (ACTRFS) 
·       Andrew Hudson (ACTRFS) 
·       Anna Lukasiewicz (ACTSES) 
·       Kenneth Marsden (ACTF&R) 
·       Luke McElhinney (ACTRFS) 
·       Neil Pattinson (ACTRFS) 
·       Benjamin Ribbons (ACTRFS) 
·       Grant Rollinson (ACTRFS) 
·       Rory Shingles (ACTF&R) 
·       John Sim (ACTRFS) 
·       Matthew Storey (ACTAS) 
·       Ken Taylor (ACTRFS) 
·       Anthony Walker (ACTESA) 
First Clasp (25 Years) 
·       Gregory Abrahamffy (ACTF&R) 
·       Christopher Barnes (ACTRFS) 
·       Jarad Culnane (ACTF&R) 
·       Bernhard Evans (ACTF&R) 
·       Warren Flanagan (ACTF&R) 
·       Matthew Green (ACTAS) 
·       Nadia Kuzman (ACTRFS) 
·       Matthew Leonard (ACTRFS) 
·       Robert Morison (ACTRFS) 
·       Felicity O'Neill (ACTRFS) 
·       Phillip Owen (ACTAS) 
·       Jason Patterson (ACTAS) 
·       Christopher Ringwald (ACTSES) 
·       Malcolm Tompkins (ACTSES) 
·       Robert Wiggins (ACTAS) 
·       Jeffrey Yates (ACTF&R) 
Second Clasp (35 Years) 
·       Stephen Angus (ACTRFS) 
·       Robert Gore (ACTRFS) 
·       David Ingram (ACTRFS) 
·       Steven Kuczerka (ACTRFS) 
·       Brett McNamara (ACTRFS) 
·       Therese Moore (ACTAS) 
·       James Walsh (ACTF&R) 
Third Clasp (45 Years) 
·       Wayne Battye (ACTAS) 
·       Peter McEncroe (ACTSES) 
A big congratulations and thank you to all the deserving recipients recognised with this honour. We’re so lucky to have such dedicated individuals across our team of teams!