AFAC Seasonal Bushfire Outlook Summer 2022

Over spring, the ACT has experienced well above average rainfall. As a result of this extensive rain, soil moisture across the ACT is very much above average.

The ACT is predicted to continue to receive above average rainfall throughout summer and daytime temperatures are not expected to exceed median maximum temperature. As a result of these conditions, the ACT for summer is expecting normal fire potential for our grasslands with extensive grass growth across the Territory.

Below normal fire potential is expected for forested areas given sustained and increased fuel moisture conditions from increased rainfall, and as a result of forest areas burnt in the 2019-20 fire season. However, if the expected rainfall is not received throughout summer there is the potential risk of seeing increase grass fires during this period.

ACT residents need to review their survival plans with a particular focus on grass fire risk, and to manage grasses near their property to prevent potential impacts of fast-running grass fires. Fire services and land managers will also be implementing plans to further mitigate fire risk.