ACT wet weather response - Wednesday 24 March 10:15am

The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) has now received approximately 185 calls for assistance since midnight on Tuesday as a result of the wet weather in the ACT and surrounding areas.

165 of those jobs have been completed and ACTSES crews are out this morning completing the remaining 20 jobs. The requests for assistance have consisted of leaking roofs, fallen trees and flooded roads across Canberra.

Rain is expected to clear today; however, rivers, creeks and storm water drains are still fast moving and full of debris. They pose a threat to people and vehicles and should be avoided. A total of three people have been rescued from waterways in the past 24 hours.

The community is also asked to be aware of the danger that trees may pose after soil erosion from extensive rain. It is very common for trees to fall following downfalls of rain.

The ACT Emergency Services Agency has received a number of reports of disaster tourism. For your safety, please avoid going to flood affected areas where you can. Emergency services are still busy working in flood and rain affected areas, we ask that you please try and keep our roads clear.

For assistance in a storm or flood call the ACTSES on 132 500.

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