ACT Bushfire Council

The ACT Bushfire Council advises the Minister of Police and Emergency Services on bushfire related matters.

ACT Bushfire Council

The ACT Emergency Services Agency Commissioner seeks Council advice before exercising functions related to bushfire; members provide advice to the Minister on the levels of preparedness across the ACT before each bushfire season, proposals for new or ongoing mitigation measures, and any other relevant matters.

The Bushfire Council also plays an important role in monitoring and reviewing recommendations from the Coronial Inquiry into the 2003 bushfires, and Bushfire Operations Plans.

It is required that Bushfire Council members have skills, knowledge and experience in:

  • Fire sciences;
  • Land management;
  • Fighting fires in built-up areas;
  • Fighting fires in rural areas;
  • Indigenous land management;
  • Representation of Rural Lessees interests;
  • Representation of the community’s interest in the environment; or
  • Representation of the community’s interests generally.

For more detailed information, see the following links to sections within the Emergencies Act 2004:

  • Section 127
  • Section 10
  • Section 130 (1)


ACT Bushfire Council Members

Dr Sally Troy - Chair, ACT Bushfire Council

Dr Sally Troy B.Sc.(Hons), M.Env.Law, Ph.D., GAICD 

Sally has more than 30 years experience in natural resources management, initially as a scientist and then as a senior executive in Parks Victoria and in the Australian Public Service portfolios of environment and agriculture. Throughout her career she has focused on the development and use of science and technology for risk-based management, most recently in the arena of plant biosecurity.  She has extensive chairing experience, having lead groups responsible for issues ranging from national crisis response, regulatory systems reform, strategic direction of investment programs, to provision of expert technical advice. Sally has been a life-long participant in the community and not-for-profit sectors, serving as volunteer in many roles from frontline services for the disadvantaged, through to support of schools and community sport. Sally is currently serving as a Director of Vinehealth Australia and a Management Committee member of Woden Valley Soccer Club and has previously served as a Board member of the Victorian National Parks Association, Forrest Primary School and the Environment Defender’s Offices of Tasmania and the ACT. 

Mr Dylan Kendall - Deputy Chair, ACT Bushfire Council

Dylan worked for 27 years in all aspects of Government bushfire management including preparedness, prevention, response and recovery in the ACT, NSW, QLD and TAS. Within the ACT, Dylan was the author of the Territory and Municipal Services Bushfire Operations Plan for seven years, co-authored two versions of the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan, introduced the concept of and was the author of two versions of the Regional Fire Management Plans and performed the role of Planning Officer in the ACT’s pre-formed level 3 Incident Management Team.

Dylan has introduced innovations that are now widely used in the Australian and international bushfire management communities. Dylan currently works introducing advanced technologies to disaster management and other industries such as humanitarian and public transport. Dylan has a Bachelor of Forest Science, was awarded the University Medal from the Australian National University and is a member of various international committees on the use of advanced technologies in disaster management.

Dr Tony Bartlett - Member

Tony Bartlett has worked in forestry and natural resources management for more than 35 years, in Victoria, Nepal, Vanuatu, the ACT and with the Australian Government. He has extensive experience in the management of native forests and plantations as well as in forest fire management. He was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal in 2006 and has been a firefighter since 1973. He has been a Regional Fire Protection Officer in eastern Victoria, a Deputy Chief Fire Control Officer in the ACT and he is an experienced Level 3 Incident Controller. From 1999 to mid 2005, he was the Director of ACT Forests and in that role he had significant leadership roles in the 2001 and 2003 bushfires. He has co-authored a number of articles on mega-fires and fire management in plantations.

Mr John Brickhill - Member

John Brickhill has been interested in the natural environment since his early teenage years living on the north coast of NSW.  After receiving a Bachelor of Natural Resources, he worked with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in the Riverina and central NSW. During a 40 year career his roles  included as a Naturalist, Fire Management Officer, Area Manager and Regional Operations Officer, working across 50+ conservation reserves spanning a quarter of NSW.  He specialised in conservation of mallee environments, completing a Masters of Resource Science on the conservation of malleefowl. During this career, he worked at wildfires across NSW, in field and incident management roles, and prescribed burning in large mallee reserves. Upon retiring to Canberra, John has been an active member of ACT National Parks Association.

Ms Kylie Coe - Member

Kylie Coe has over twenty years of experience in the local government arena in planning and natural resource management.  She has a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Wollongong and has spent the last ten years employed in the rural planning field, coordinating a multi-disciplinary development services team.  This work has involved the development and production of strategic planning policy, the review, preparation and administration of statutory plans, as well as the assessment of a variety of developments, primarily in bushfire prone areas.  Kylie has a wealth of experience in applying bushfire construction standards to residential development, and has completed training in Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas, from the Centre for Local Government, at the University of Technology, Sydney.  Currently Kylie is a town planning consultant working in both the government and non-government sector.

Mr Andrew Geikie - Member

Andrew’s parents settled at Lanyon in 1959. Soon after Andrew was born and he has continued to live and work on Lanyon for the most part of his life.

Andrew completed his apprenticeship under AV Jennings working in the Canberra region involved in building some of Canberra’s more iconic buildings. Andrew went on to work as a self-employed carpenter with strong connection to Canberra and its’ growth throughout the 80’s and 90’s. 

Together with his wife Gemma, Andrew took over operation and management of Jeggaline, Lanyon from his father in 2000 and continues to operate a sheep and cattle farming enterprise on the outskirts of Canberra suburbs. 

Having experienced his first bushfire at the age of 10, his knowledge of their severity and consequences underpins the importance of safety, planning and preparedness and are always at the forefront of his summers. The value Lanyon has afforded the Geikie family and his own children’s lives is immeasurable, and because of this Andrew has a great understanding of the rural community and their love and appreciation for their land.

Mr Len Morris - Member

Len is passionate about and has conducted extensive research on how communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters. He has contributed to international research projects on disaster recovery and his work has been published in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management. Len’s key roles include an internship with the United Nations (UN) Office for Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan, a consultancy role with the Asian Disaster Recovery Centre and working on a community engagement project for the ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES). He also has experience in government policy and program design, with a focus on inclusivity and empowerment of marginalised communities.

Len holds Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Hons.) and Master of National Security Policy (Advanced) with Honours from the Australian National University. He has been a volunteer for the ACTSES since 2018.

Ms Asha Naznin - Member

Asha Naznin has graduated in Bachelor of International Security Studies (Minor in Arabic language) and Bachelor of Science (Minor in Science Communication) from the Australian National University. She has also been awarded an MSc in Climate Change and Development from the University of Sussex, UK. She has been working for a multinational professional services company and serving for federal government clients as a Business Analyst. She is a certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 5 practitioner.

She received ACT government’s Audrey Fagan Board Trainee Fellowship 2020, sponsored by Willyama Services. As a DFAT New Colombo Plan (NCP) Grant Recipient in 2017 she has visited conflict prone zones between Thailand and Myanmar, and refugee camps across border areas. She interviewed militant and rebel groups in the region to understand the peace building processes. She also visited several dams in the Mekong River basin which forced mass population displacement and cost millions of livelihoods. Since then, she has developed a keen interest in diplomacy & negotiating skills.

She was a River Fellow for the Murray Darling Basin (Murrumbidgee River) in 2018 of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and lobbied with the Victorian Parliamentarians for a fair share of water.  In her spare time, she likes to play piano. She writes poetry and performs on local stages. She is a published poet in the Australian Poetry Anthology (vol 8). Her poem ‘A tree, two frogs and me’ has been on a display as a sign in the local Haig park by the City Renewal Authority &ACT government since February 2020.

Dr Marta Yebra - Member

Dr. Yebra is an Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering at the School of Engineering and the Fenner School of Environment & Society and the Director of the ANU Bushfire Initiative which aims to use technology to protect Australia from catastrophic bushfires. Her research focuses on developing applications of remote sensing to the management of fire risk and impact. She has served on a number of advisory government bodies including the Australian Space Agency’s Bushfire Earth Observation Taskforce (Feb-May 2020), Australian Space Agency’s Earth Observation Technical Advisory Group (Since 2019) and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Scientific Reference Panel (Since 2019). Dr Yebra has been awarded several awards for her contributions to bushfire management, including the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC's Outstanding Achievement in Research Utilization award in 2019.