Commissioner encourages women to consider a firefighting career

The ACT Emergency Services Agency will conduct the next ACT Fire & Rescue recruitment process early in the New Year.

ESA Commissioner Dominic Lane said applications will be taken from 1 February 2016.

ACT Fire & Rescue is specifically targeting women to join their service as part of the ACT Emergency Services Agency's Women in Emergency Services Strategy, which aims to provide a pathway for our emergency services to better reflect the community we serve by increasing gender diversity.

"The Minister for Police and Emergency Services Joy Burch today announced that we will aim to fill half of the places with female firefighters," Commissioner Lane said.

"We are hoping to fill half of the 16 positions that will make up the next recruit college with women," he said.

"Obviously that will be dependent on at at least eight female candidates meeting the standards set for all applicants."

"I encourage anyone interested in applying to go to the ESA website to learn all about what is involved in being a candidate for the ACT Fire & Rescue recruit college in 2016."

"This includes information about a series of come and try days being held between now and Christmas."