Wind gust sends Mint roof flying

The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) is on scene at the Royal Australian Mint this afternoon after a strong wind gust dislodged part of the building's roof.

ACT Fire & Rescue was first notified of the incident in Deakin just after 3:30pm and dispatched a crew to ensure there were no public safety issues.

The ACTSES was then dispatched to carry out emergency repairs including trying to locate a number of roofing sheets that have not been found.

It's believed the sheets have been carried by the wind gust into the neighbouring area.

The ACTSES urges motorists to take extra care when driving around Deakin and surrounding suburbs for the rest of today in case they come across some of the missing roof sheeting.

The ACTSES was also called to a home in Gilmore around the same time after a wind gust damaged a pergola.