How to join the ACTSES

How to join the ACTSES

Unfortunately the ACTSES will not be recruiting in 2022.
However we would encourage you to visit this page mid-2022, for further updates about recruitment for 2023.

Helpful hints:

  • A valid email address is required in order to receive up to date recruitment information.
  • The ACT Working with Vulnerable People card application can take up to 21 days to process. Therefore, prospective members are advised to apply for this card as early as possible.
  • A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is required to obtain qualifications completed through the ACTSES. If you do not have a USI you can apply for one through the following link:

Please contact for all enquiries.

ACTSES accepts expressions of interest from prospective members and runs one Recruit College each year, usually from May and depending on workforce requirements. This is a very competitive process; not every ACTSES Unit requires new recruits at every intake and not all applicants are deemed suitable.

There are three key phases in ACTSES recruitment:

  1. Attraction
  • ACTSES Units promote volunteering opportunities in the ACT Community.
  • Prospective members gain information about the role of the ACTSES through the website, conversations with members and visiting units.
  • Expressions of interest are received online from prospective members.
  1. Recruitment
  • The recruitment phase officially opens.
  • All prospective members are invited to a Come and Try Day. From this, prospective members are selected to participate in Unit visits and interviews.
  • Selected prospective members participate in the ACTSES Fitness Test.
  • Selected prospective members are invited to join the Recruit College. To formally join the Recruit College a prospective member must have applied for an ACT Working with Vulnerable People Card and provided evidence.
  1. Recruit College/Training

There are two parts to the Recruit College/Training:

  • Induction Program, which is mandatory for all new members, includes:
    • About the ACTSES
    • Asbestos Awareness
    • First Aid assessment (the online course is completed prior to the Induction Program commencing)
    • Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED)
    • Teamwork
    • Working safely
    • Land Based Floodwater Rescue
    • Emergency Traffic Management
  • Storm and Water Damage training is mandatory for people joining as Field Operators.